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IUFRO-UNRI Urban Forestry News Update – January 2011

Thursday, January 13th, 2011


Birmingham, UK 13-14 April, 2011

This conference  is being hosted by the Institute of Chartered Foresters and is supported by a wide range of UK professional bodies and agencies in the natural and built environment sector.  Urban trees and woodlands are essential elements of our green infrastructure and have a vital role in promoting liveable and sustainable towns and cities. They can have numerous environmental, economic and social benefits, contributing enormously to the health and welfare of everyone who lives and works in urban areas.  Please visit www.charteredforesters.org/conference/ for the latest information and to register for the conference.

The following is a message from Dr. Mark Johnston, Conference Chair


Dear Colleagues

After all the hard work by the Steering Group in setting up this major international conference, we can confirm that the online booking system is now up and running!

For the first time in the UK we will have an international conference than brings together an unprecedented range of practitioners, researchers and professional organisations concerned with trees, people and the built environment. The world class line-up of speakers will present groundbreaking and highly relevant research from both the natural and social sciences. However, this is not just about theory – it’s about making a real difference on the ground.

As well as advertising the conference through the usual channels, the Steering Group is also keen as individuals to promote it through our own personal and international contacts. Which is why I’m contact you. I would be most grateful if you would please forward this email to your own professional networks – indeed, anyone you think will have an interest.

We have arranged for discounts to be available on full conference tickets up to 11 February – so early booking is a must. If you could please forward this message soon it would give people time to take advantage of the discount.

We hope to see you there.

Please visit www.charteredforesters.org/conference/ for the latest information and to register for the conference.

All the best, Mark
Dr Mark Johnston
Chair, Conference Steering Group



The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation has a programme for Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture, as key component of the organisation’s Food for the Cities programme. A new website, “Growing Greener Cities”, is now available in in English, French and Spanish, at the following URL: www.fao.org/ag/agp/greenercities/.