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IUFRO-UNRI Urban Forestry News – April 2011

Monday, April 11th, 2011


European Forum on Urban Forestry Conference – June 2011

The program for this year’s European Forum on Urban Forestry Conference, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland on June 1-4, 2011, has been finalized. Please visit http://www.forestry.gov.uk/efufconference2011 for the latest conference information. The program provides the opportunity to hear from a range of researchers, forest managers and policy colleagues developing and delivering urban forestry across Europe and from as far a field as the USA and South America.

The speakers will cover topics ranging from recreation management and user preferences, developing evidence of health benefits of woodland activity, how to work with and sustain community engagement in urban areas, how to use urban forestry and green infrastructure to market cities to business and how new models of delivery and working can help address some of the current financial challenges.

The field visit program complements the plenary sessions and will provide a chance for participants to see and hear about how some of the issues covered during the indoor sessions are being implemented in some of the most economically and health deprived communities in Europe.



The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation has a programme for Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture, as key component of the organisation’s Food for the Cities programme. A new website, “Growing Greener Cities”, is now available in in English, French and Spanish, at the following URL:www.fao.org/ag/agp/greenercities/.